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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

How to Help Your PSAs Become Team Leaders

Let me say straight away that I do not directly encourage my PSAs to become Team Leaders. Everything I do is simply to encourage them to be good Affiliates first and every other thing else will follow in a natural sequence. Here is what I encourage them to work towards and to use as a guide if they want to be Team Leaders. 


1. You must be a good Affiliate first before you can ever become a Team Leader. So become a good affiliate.

2. To be a good Affiliate, you must be active in SFI/TripleClicks. So, get active in SFI/TripleClicks.

3. Without an active downline, becoming a Team Leader has very limited benefits. So, build an active downline.

4. You need at least 5 active PSAs in your downline before you can get good benefits as a Team Leader. So, train your PSAs to be active.

5. The deeper and more active your downline, the better you are as a Team Leader. So, build a deep downline.

6. Granted that you get second-home CSAs as a reward for being a Team Leader but you can also get CSAs some other ways if you are a good and active Affiliate. So, win CSAs at auctions or buy them.

7. It is smart therefore to help your PSAs become very good and active Affiliates if you want them to succeed in SFI as Team Leaders. So, they need hard work to be good.

8. Everything else you do in SFI must therefore be aimed at becoming a good Affiliate. The nitty-gritty is only a matter of details active Affiliates do daily, weekly and monthly. 


From the foregoing, it is easy to discern that becoming a very active Affiliate precedes becoming a Team Leader. Helping your PSAs to become very good Affiliates is one sure way to helping them to become Team Leaders. Once you are able to successfully make them good Affiliates, becoming Team Leaders becomes a piece of cake.

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