Sunday, 29 January 2017

Who is Better to Target in SFI Ads?

Unless you have the benefit of detailed scientific research, I would recommend that you try to avoid demographics when targeting ads in SFI. However since you have limited your demographics here to two groups, I am forced to ask, why retired persons or homemakers? 


I believe that the essence of any campaign ad is to get sign-ups as PSAs and to get buyers for your products. On that account and from experience, the groups which give the best results are the groups you should target. These may not necessarily be retired persons or homemakers. In SFI, it is always very difficult to know what people will do or not do. You will be making a very fundamental mistake therefore to assume that demographics like sex, age, occupation and such like classifications will cause a better response to ads than some other considerations.

In this business, my advice is and has always been, it is best to target any and everyone in your ads. That works for me and I therefore strongly recommend so to everyone. Assuming we take into account the two groups you want to target i.e.:

1. Retirees: These are people with age range 65+ mostly old.
- People who need a second income.
- People best suited for home business.
- People with technology challenges but are still capable of learning.
- People who need excitement.
- People who now live a bit of sedentary life.

2. Homemakers: These are people both young and old.
- People who have the above characteristics and more.
- People who are technology savvy.
- People who are young and ambitious.
- People who need a second income to get out of debts.
- People who need financial security. 


These are the characteristics every wise marketer should take into account before targeting ads. You can see clearly that both groups have clearly common characteristics in many instances. It is therefore very difficult to prefer one to the other. Targeting both groups with the same intensity is the wisest counsel in this circumstance. If done properly, better results can be guaranteed.

Good luck in your marketing efforts.

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