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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Best Actions to Focus on in SFI Business

In SFI business, the best actions to focus on are actions which directly or indirectly generate income for you. Check out these ones. 


1. To-Do Lists. Your daily, weekly and monthly actions on the to-do list helps to earn vital VersaPoints which cumulatively translate to income at the end of the month.

2. Duplication. This is by way of recruiting PSAs to deepen your downline. The activities of these PSAs up to 12 levels down helps to generate commissions directly for you and also helps to accumulate matching VP which also translate to income.

3. Advertising. This way, you do things which help to advertise and promote your SFI and TripleClicks Gateways very widely. These efforts help in duplication and increased sales which generate income for you.

4. Communication. You communicate widely in SFI to build the business and to inspire/motivate your downline. The resultant improvement in the business helps to improve your income level.

5. Business development. SFI graciously provides a lot of literature right from the LaunchPad to the Basics where you can learn the rudiments of building and developing the business. The Newsletters, Forum Posts and Ask SC answers also help with vital information to build and develop your business for higher income.

6. Mentoring/Motivating. Here you do things which stand you out like a Business Coach. Playing the role very well and leading by example helps those looking up to you to work the business as expected and all parties benefit through increased earnings on the long run.

7. Leadership. This is by way of taking on responsibilities to lead your PSAs and CSAs. If you work to develop yourself by reading widely in the business, you stand a good stead to provide credible leadership for your downline which benefits all parties no end.

8. Fun at the Trivia Games. In these games, you not only have fun, you also earn vital VP and MRP which every affiliate needs to earn income and to deal in TripleClicks shop.


All the above to my mind are the best and most rewarding actions to focus on in SFI if you really want to make it in the business.

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