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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

How Best to Use E-Cards in SFI Business

As gleaned from SFI archives, basically, E-Cards program is a program for sending full-color digital postcards to friends and family. SFI provides many designs to choose from. There are cards promoting the SFI business opportunity and there are cards promoting various SFI products. After choosing a design, you can then add your own personal message. It will also automatically insert a link to the appropriate SFI Gateway Website (so that you are credited with the referrals). Once you click “send”, your postcard gets sent to anyone of your choice. They are very cheap and highly cost-effective because they are FREE to use. You get to spend no money that is.

The other major benefit of using E-Cards also means that SFI will do the "heavy lifting" (the selling) for you. There's no need to know every little detail about SFI or the product you're letting your recipients know about. Simply choose a card, add a short friendly little message, and send it. The full-color card and the Gateway URL included with it can take it from there! Selling can’t get any better than that particularly for marketers who are too shy to meet people one-on-one. With E-cards, your new affiliates can get started immediately promoting their business for free. They need only grab the e-mail addresses of their "warm market" and start sending out E-Cards.

PLUS...if you're sponsoring SFI affiliates, you'll also be happy to know that E-Cards provide an incredible value to your brand new team members. Your new personally sponsored affiliates are often very motivated to learn how to get started, but many are operating on a very small budget and cannot afford to invest in promotion or advertising for their products. E-cards come in very handy for such affiliates. 

When you have mastered the use of E-cards yourself, you can get your team members to do as you have been doing if they want to get the results you have been getting. 

WARNING! Do not introduce your team members to E-cards if you do not know how they work and how to use them. The reason for this warning is rather obvious. 

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