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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

How to Use My Movers Tab to Maximize Your SFI Business

In SFI business, everyone is in someone else’s Movers list. That is what the Movers Tab shows to your sponsor constantly. Any member of the downline who has not earned a single VP for about 7 days automatically drops off the Movers list. In a nutshell therefore, the Movers list tells every sponsor at a glance which members of her downline, (both PSAs and CSAs) are active in the business at any point in time. 


Having noted the above, it is easy to deduce that you can maximize your SFI business using MY MOVERS Tab in the following ways:

1. The tab at a glance excludes inactive affiliates which you need to work more on to get them active.

2. It lets you know the pace of progress from even the active affiliates listed and you can devise ways to help them move better.

3. It reveals the Team Mail, Email and Chat buttons which you can use to communicate directly with any affiliate you decide on as listed in the tab.

4. In some cases, even the telephone numbers are on display for you to use in communicating with the affiliates.

5. It shows the progress on VP earned daily from each affiliate and how many more VP they need to advance to the next rank. That enables you to know how and when to cheer them on with some vital tips.

6. It shows the ranking of each active affiliate and how much daily progress they are making towards advancing. That tells you how and when to help them.

7. It shows the last time every affiliate listed logged in and if the log-ins are not regular, you can then take steps to advise the affiliate on what to do.

8. At a glance, the tab ranks the affiliates based on the number of VP they earned up to date. The higher an affiliate is ranked on the list, the more it contributes to the VP available to you for matching.

9. The Movers Tab also shows the Class Rank, Country rank and Global rank of each of the listed affiliates in the tab. You can then use the information to help each of the affiliates make a goal of advancing in rank.

10. Being on the Movers list at all is proof positive to tell your sponsor that you are serious in the business. That way, you tend to get more help and assistance from your sponsor.

11. Ultimately, the Movers Tab helps you to identify, assist, encourage or advise team members as a way of building the business for all parties involved.


All the above to my mind and experience are some of the best ways to use MY MOVERS tab to maximize your SFI business.

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