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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Best Marketing Methods for Beginners in SFI Business

To my mind, what really should constitute the best marketing methods for beginners are methods which give the best results, are easy to use, cheap or even free to use. For that reason, it is pretty difficult to settle for just one marketing method as the best. It is always advisable to use many methods singly or in combinations. That is what gives the best results which can immensely benefit beginners. For best results, the marketing message can be packaged in form of: 


-Text ads.
- Banner ads.
- Blogs.
- Articles marketing.
- Brochures.
- Bulletins.
- Newspaper ads.
- Flyers, etc, etc.

Then the message can be put out in any of the following common and popular methods:

1. Internet marketing (e-mail, Websites, Blogs, etc.)
2. Print media (periodical/magazine ads, card decks, etc.)
3. Direct mail.
4. "Warm marketing" (friends, family, co-workers, etc.)
5. "Power Retailing" (extensive retailing beyond warm market)
6. One-on-one local recruiting.
7. Opportunity meetings (group presentations).
8. Telemarketing (phone prospecting and sales).
9. Radio/Television.
10. Social media.
11. Dropping Business cards.
12. Dropping Gift cards /Flyers.

These methods could be very good for beginners because:

a) Many of the methods are cheap or even free.
b) They are easy to use by beginners.
c) They are very effective.
d) They can be used any and everywhere.
e) They are cost-effective.
f) They are readily available and easy to access.
g) They give very good results. 


What is really important is that beginners should never forget to use their Gateways correctly in all their ads. That is the only way the credits of the ads will go to them. If not well used, all ads no matter how well-designed will not yield the desired results. 

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