Saturday, 18 February 2017

How to Gain the Attention of Second Home CSAs

I believe that the best way to gain the attention of second home CSAs is through EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION. You must be ready to be an awesome sponsor using all the tools provided by SFI if you want to succeed with second home CSAs. You as a sponsor must do all things feasible to reach out to them as soon as they are assigned to you. It may take quite a while but you may just need to persist before you can get any form of response from second home CSAs. When you do get a response, no matter how vague, that becomes a very encouraging sign for you to sharpen your communications with them. You will succeed further with your CSAs if you are able to do the following: 


1. Welcome them to your team as soon as they are assigned to you.
2. Offer them a place in your cooperative if you have one.
3. Encourage them to visit your Leadership Page for tips, your blog and recommended products.
4. Encourage them to confide in you for help if they have any issues with SFI or TripleClicks.
5. Get a contest under way for your team and invite them to participate.
6. Give out gifts of TCredits occasionally to them if you can afford to.
7. Send to them without fail any useful tips you come across occasionally in SFI.
8. Direct them to the links they can get useful information and how to sponsor new affiliates.
9. Let them know that SFI business is theirs to run and that they can only get out of it in direct proportion to what they put into it.
10. Let them know that the business is not a get-rich-quick business but a sure-bet business on the long run.
11. Reveal to them that the only way can ever FAIL in SFI business is to QUIT.

I sincerely believe that if you are able to do all these things diligently, it is possible for you to gain the attention of your second home CSAs and possibly get them to be active again.

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