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Saturday, 11 February 2017

Best Places to Find Answers in Your SFI Business

No affiliate should have the illusion that they know everything in SFI no matter how long they have been affiliates. Even the President and Founder of SFI Gery Carson himself humbly admits that he is still learning and developing the business day in, day out. As such, it is best for you and your team to admit that you do not know everything and are willing to find information any and everywhere it can be found in SFI.


If you do not have an answer to a team member’s question but you know how and where to find the answer, that makes you a very good sponsor/team leader. It is best for your team if you can quickly find the answer to the question asked to the benefit of your team members. In SFI, information is key to success so the search for information should not be stunted or limited.

You can easily find answers to any question in the following places in SFI.

1. Your Upline Sponsors which can be up to 6 layers up.
2. SFI support found on this link, https://www.sfimg.com/Support/
3. ASK SC link in your home page.
4. SFI forum link.
5. A2A forum link.
6. Ask Gery link.
7. SFI latest news link.
8. SFI Basics link.
9. SFI LaunchPad link.
10. SFI Home Page link (All Tabs).
11. SFI 24-Hour knowledge base link.
12. SFI Contact Us link.
13. SFI IAHBE link.
14. SFI Rules of Success link.
15. SFI weekly newsletter.
16. SFI TripleClicks shop links.
17. SFI training/support link. 


If you know how to search and use these information sites and tools very well, there is hardly any question relating to SFI whose answer you will not be able to find on demand. 

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