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Thursday, 9 February 2017

What Makes one Safe-list Better than Another?

I do understand that safe-lists (aka Mailers) are sites SFI affiliates can register on to expose their businesses by e-mail advertising with a very high probability of good patronage. What makes one safe-list better than the other depends on the integrity of the site and its ranking in Search Engines. That is why you just have to consider the following when trying to distinguish one safe-list from another in terms of quality.

1. Is the listing site free or paid for?
2. How does it rank in Search Engines.
3. How frequently does the list send out the e-mails?
4. What types of listings does it allow?
5. Is it owner/creator-managed?
6. What additional perks does the list offer?
7. How long has it been in successful safe-listing business?
8. How favorable are the testimonies of users?
9. How many members are registered on the site?
10. How convenient it is to use the lists?
11. Does it mail only to its registered members?
12. How large is its e-mail addresses bank?

With these considerations, you can make informed-judgment about the quality of safe-lists.

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