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Thursday, 9 February 2017

How to Prevent Others from Preying on Your Downline

My first reaction to this issue is to advise every sponsor to be a very good and reliable sponsor to their downlines at all times. If you are a very good sponsor, it will be very difficult if not impossible for others to prey on them by diverting their attention to other programs.

There is no doubt you are aware that in SFI business, many affiliates have unhindered access to other affiliates through A2A and the Forums. If you are a very good sponsor to your downline, chances are always very high that they will believe in you and take your advice more than any other affiliates they may have come in contact with after joining SFI. Remember, as a sponsor, you are always the very first human contact your new affiliates “get to meet” when they join SFI. If you welcome them professionally and manage to get them to trust you, you will establish a solid bond with them.

If you are able to nurture that relationship very well, there is hardly any other affiliate who can easily convince your downline to join any other programs particularly those other programs you may not approve of. For that reason, everything depends on you how you have managed to bond with your downline to build loyalty and trust. A solid bond with your downline is about the only antidote I can think of right now which you can use to prevent others from preying on them to join other programs.

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