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Saturday, 11 February 2017

How to Use Fast-Track Lapel Pin to Attract Sign-ups in SFI Business

Fast-track lapel pin just like any other SFI marketing tool always tells its own story. When other people see it displayed conspicuously in your lapel, there is bound to be some curiosity about it. That is where your own marketing skills come to the fore. When people point at your pin and tell you it is cute, you must seize the opportunity to tell them what it stands for and how you came about owning and wearing it on your lapel. To create that kind of scenario often enough, be sure you have your pin on when you are in places where you need to interact with many people. To enhance that, make sure you:

1. Wear it in your corporate office.
2. Wear it during your social/business engagements.
3. Wear it to sports clubs and stadiums.
4. Wear it to the gym.
5. Wear it when traveling in Buses, Trains and Airplanes.
6. Wear it to the local library.
7. Wear it to the local Supermarkets/Laundromats/Grocery stores.
8. Wear it during business meetings/seminars.
9. Wear it to your children’s graduation or presentation ceremonies.
10. Wear it to your annual end-of-year balls and social gatherings.

When the people you meet in these various places show interest in the pin, let them know what it stands for and that they too can have it if they do what you are doing in SFI. You can thereafter invite them to join SFI free and without any obligations. That is how best you can use your Fast-Track lapel pin to attract sign-ups into SFI.

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