Friday, 17 February 2017

Best SFI LaunchPad Lessons

From my own perspective, all SFI LaunchPad lessons are very good lessons for anyone who wants to succeed in the business. However, when taken all together, I believe lesson of day 19, “How much can I make?” is about the best for the following reasons:

1. Everyone I know in SFI business (and that includes my humble self) is in the business to make money so that lesson is very apt.
2. The lesson tells you what you need to do to make money.
3. It tells you that you’ll get out of SFI what you put into it.
4. It tells you that SFI works if you do.
5. The lesson reveals to you that you are in control and it’s up to you how far you take the business.
6. It shows you and offers you the opportunity to earn residual income.
7. That basically means that for the work you do today, you have the potential to earn money not only for today but also for years to come.
8. The lesson teaches you how to use “leveraging” or duplication for maximum effects to make money.
9. The lesson amazingly reveals to you how duplication and global networking helps all SFI affiliates to make money 24/7.
10. It shows you how everyone helps everyone else in the same team to make money every hour of every day at SFI. 

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