Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Best Strategy to Manage Your PSAs in SFI Business

It is certainly a better goal to teach a smaller numbers of affiliates to remain EAs every month and to teach others to be EAs than to sponsor hundreds of new PSAs every year with enormous time and resources and most of who will turn out inactive anyway. In that wise, you can adopt what SFI calls a 3-step plan for success. Here is how the strategy works:

1. You become an Executive Affiliate, EA and remain an EA every month.

2. You recruit 5 Affiliates using every convenient marketing method.

3. You teach your 5 Affiliates to do these same 3 steps.

That’s it! You can earn a full-time income or more with this 3-step plan. This is certainly better and easier to do than to embark on sponsoring hundreds of new PSAs every year with plenty of time and resources and most will end up inactive. 

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