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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

How to Convince Your PSAs to Remain in SFI Business

This is a very difficult issue to tackle particularly when you know that at some point you too were faced with this same dilemma. It makes no economic sense to keep telling anyone to keep putting money in a business when they are not receiving commensurately. However, in SFI, optimism is the main key to success in the business. If you are able to find a practical way to keep up the optimism of your PSAs, it is possible to prevent them from quitting the business even if they are putting in more than they are receiving. 


My advice is that you should open up very sincere communications with your PSAs if you notice any form of apathy. Let them know that you too had been in a similar situation in the past but you persevered that is why you are where you are today. Teach them the skills and offer them some tips to minimize what they are putting in the business. Specifically, advise them that:

1. They should not aspire to higher ranks above EA monthly until they deepen their downlines.
2. They can earn EA monthly through more of Action Points than Sales Points.
3. They should leverage on any opportunity they have to cut costs.
4. They should remember that the business is theirs alone and should therefore desist from competing with anyone.
5. They should always consider costs/benefits before taking any action.
6. They should remain focused and optimistic because SFI business is not a get-rich-quick business. It takes time and plenty of efforts to build the business.
7. They should try to interact with fellow affiliates at the a2a and forums to share in their experiences.
8. They should read more and learn more about the business.
9. The only money they should put in the business is what they can spare or afford to lose.
10. They should never spend any money they don’t have for the sake of the business.

Let them know that if they follow your advice, they can minimize risks and material losses in the business. That way, it is possible to stay on in the business hopeful that things will turn around with time. That is how it plays out for every affiliate who has made it in SFI business and theirs can’t be different.

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