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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Most Important Thing You Should be Doing as a New Team Leader

On lighter mood, the single most important thing you should be doing as a new Team Leader is LEADING. Ump!!! Well, it is you who asked for “the single most important thing.” There it is, just LEAD, that’s all. Talking seriously, to LEAD requires a lot of responsibilities. First and foremost you must endeavor to be a friend as well as a mentor. All these require a lot of leadership skills.

In this business, it is SFI's job to provide the infrastructure for building your own business. Your own job as a sponsor (or a co-sponsor) to those individuals in your team, is to provide the personal, one-on-one relationships so vital to your home-business success. That is why you must be ready to LEAD.

You lead by making sure every Affiliate in your team has checked out the actions outlined in the To-Do List at their SFI homepage. Assist them as they proceed through these steps. Make sure their questions are answered correctly and promptly. Getting started is the hardest part of the journey. Guide your team members through that journey skillfully and diligently. Your job as a sponsor or a co-sponsor is to be available to your team members. Make sure that you are there to offer friendly guidance and support in a timely manner for all Affiliates in your team to start out and make progress in their SFI business. It takes good leadership skills to be able to do all these.

As a new Team Leader, the single most import thing you should be doing is to provide leadership for your team.

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