Wednesday, 22 February 2017

How to Convince Prospects to Try SFI Business

If anyone has had pretty bad experiences on the Internet, you will have to be very tactful to be able to convince them to try SFI business. Start by admitting to the fellow that the internet world or cyberspace is full of good businesses and bad businesses. That there are also plenty of scams masquerading as businesses on the internet. Remind the fellow that as the saying goes, you do understand that “once bitten, twice shy.” Assert firmly that inspite of the abundance of scams, there are still very legitimate, good and profitable businesses online foremost of which is SFI. Real out the following facts about SFI business to support your arguments:

-You can participate in SFI free for as long as you want, with no obligation.
- It is in its 19th successful year as an online business.
- It is a 14-year Bronze member of American Better Business Bureau.
- It has over 1.5 million real time affiliates.
- It has over 2.4 million TripleClicks members.
- It has over 118,000+ commissionable products.
- It has over 7,072 E-Commerce Affiliates around the world.
- It has over 230 LocalPay Merchants around the world.
- It has over 1,694 -'s global popularity rank (source:
- It has paid out millions in commissions (in US Dollars) to its affiliates over the years.

That done, I have no doubt that the fellow you are talking to will start to nurse some positive thoughts about SFI. That to my mind is a very good pep talk and I believe it will work to convince even skeptic.

Good luck!!

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