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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Tips to Win a Pricebenders Auction

Auctions are auctions anywhere in the world and I do not see any special magic how you can win at the PriceBenders auctions. What matters is that you must have enough TCredits with which to outbid any other participant. To me that is the only trick. However, with differences in time zones, you can decide to bid when big time bidders like those in the Western Hemisphere and the Americas are asleep. That to me is the only trick otherwise you just have to slug it out real time all the time with other bidders.

The best way to win is to outbid every other participant in the auctions. Good news is, the bidding process is automated and that makes it fair and even for all bidders. That way, the system recognizes nobody special. What determines who wins is persistence and resilience. If you can continually remain persistent and resilient in your bidding efforts, no doubt you will win at the PriceBenders auctions.

I wish you best of luck in your bidding efforts.

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