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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Best Way to Distribute TCards

TC Gift cards are very effective marketing tools in SFI business. They are a very effective way to introduce SFI and TripleClicks to other people. They are cute, beautiful and easily appreciated as simple gifts. Many people relish getting a gift card and most are always very appreciative of the cards. Currently in SFI, there are two types of gift cards, the Physical and the Digital gift cards with a common feature of 12 characters redemption code which is the most important marketing feature in the cards. If you want to distribute these cards online, all you need are Digital gift cards with the appropriate codes already inscribed by SFI.

I believe it is more effective in terms of results to distribute these cards in person. However, you can reach many more people at a time and in a shorter time frame if you distribute them online by email. It is better for your business if you are able to combine both online and physical distribution of the cards. Effectiveness is measured by the number of cards that are eventually redeemed. Distributing the cards in person somehow guarantees that many more of these cards are redeemed since the marketer does not just give these cards away without a little intro about their uses and benefits.

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