Thursday, 23 February 2017

Essential Things You Can Do Differently in SFI Business

Well, I have been in SFI business for quite some time now and the last time I did a thorough evaluation of my business vis-à-vis the time I have spent on it, I discovered many things I would have done differently given what I now know. Foremost among these things are:

1. I would earn enough VPs in the first 24 hours to give me a Fast Track badge.
2. I would study my LaunchPad with greater care.
3. I would give the best attention to duplication/building my downline.
4. I would take pains to read/study the business more intensely.
5. I would invest more time/resources.
6. I would interact more with fellow affiliates more.
7. I would de-emphasize money making in favor of building the business.
8. I would take steps to promote my business more vigorously.
9. I would become ECA pretty quickly.
10. I would without fail log into my account and earn at least 10 VPs daily.

These are some of the most prominent things I think I would do differently if given a second chance to start all over. 

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