Monday, 13 February 2017

Good Incentives to Encourage People to Join SFI Business

There are lots of good incentives out there to offer prospects to encourage them to join your SFI team. First, you must find out through interactions what motivates the prospect. In fact knowing what the prospect really wants can give you a very good clue what to “dangle” before that prospect to convince him/her to join your team. It requires some skills though which you must have to be able to do so successfully. That is primarily why you should don your leadership toga all the time when prospecting new affiliates. There are incentives you can GIVE while there are others you can TELL. 


As for incentives you can GIVE, token gifts like:
- Books and literature about SFI.
- Branded items like T-shirts, mugs, key holders etc.
- Gift cards for use at TripleClicks.
- Free TCredits redeemable at TripleClicks.
- Free PSA reassign if they join you.

Generally speaking, find below some more incentives you can TELL which are also very potent and can go a long way to help you encourage people to join your team. Tell them your own story as passionately as you can. Tell them what your rank is in SFI and exactly what you are doing to earn money. Reveal to your prospects that they too can join and do exactly what you are doing to make money as well. Specifically, let them know that:

- They can participate in SFI, FREE for as long as they want, with no obligations.

- They can own their personalized Websites provided free (with free maintenance).

- They will have personal mentors provided for free personal support & assistance.

- SFI as a company will handle all orders –payments, shipping, and customer service for them.

- They can sell stuff nearly everywhere and in over 200 countries worldwide.

- They need less than a dollar a day in sales to qualify for upper level income in SFI.

- They will get extensive free training & resources to help them get started fast.

- They can share in company-wide sales/commissions every month.

- They can earn ongoing, residual income from one-time sales.

- They have the potential to earn $100,000+ annually.

- They will have free support available 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week.

- They can earn unlimited override commissions on unlimited levels. 


These are some of the many incentives I can think about right now which can help you to encourage people to join your SFI team. 

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