Saturday, 11 February 2017

How Best to Allocate Your Time for SFI and TripleClicks

If I have one hour to spend on this business every day, I allocate 50% of the time to SFI and 50% to TripleClicks. This is almost habitual with me now since I joined SFI about four years ago.

Coming to the second leg of the question, I personally spend the time I have for both departments in doing these 4 things.
- 50% of the time on marketing/promotion.
- 20% of the time for training myself and my affiliates.
- 20% of the time for communicating.
- 10% of the time for sundry activities like Trivia Games.

These percentages work very well for my highly-disciplined schedule and I think they will work very well too for any serious affiliate who wants to succeed in the business.

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