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Thursday, 23 February 2017

How to Build Your SFI Business outside the Affiliate Center

If you can’t access the SFI Affiliate Center, it means that you are not an SFI Affiliate. If however you are an Affiliate and you lost temporary access, that in itself is a rare occurrence in SFI. Since that is temporary, you can be building your business on a temporary scenario. That lends credence to the assumption that you may either be a Personally Referred Member, PRM, or an E-Commerce Associate ECA. In that case, you do not need the Affiliate Center to do business in SFI. As a PRM, all you need is to bookmark the TripleClicks site and to log in there anytime you want to make purchases at TripleClicks. As for E-Commerce Associate, you have unlimited access to the site your products are displayed and you can do business there 24/7.

I do not know any other way you can build your SFI business if you can’t log into SFI Affiliate Center besides the ways I have highlighted above. In addition to these ways however, you can also log into the Trivia Games Center to play the various games and take part in Pricebenders auctions even if you are not an SFI affiliate. What all these mean is that you can do business, bid at auctions and play Eager Zebra games even if you are not an SFI Affiliate and you can’t have access to SFI Affiliate Center.

Since SFI operates daily 24/7 all-year-round, barring servers’ downtime, you can transact your business, advertise and make referrals all-year-round to grow your business even if you can’t access the Affiliate Center.

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