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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Why it is Important for Team Members to Take on Leadership Roles

When you take a critical look at SFI 3-step plan for success, you will get to appreciate more why it is important to have your team members take on leadership roles. Here is the plan:

Take these 3 steps and you will succeed in your SFI business.

1. Become an Executive Affiliate, EA and remain an EA every month.

2. Recruit 5 Affiliates using every convenient marketing method.

3. Teach your 5 Affiliates to do these same 3 steps.

That’s it! You can earn a full-time income or more with this 3-step plan. If by this plan you can get 5 really good leaders who get 5 good leaders, you will have 25 leaders in your 2nd line and 125 in your 3rd line. That is the beginning of a very profitable SFI business. It can go on exponentially like that for up to 12 levels. That is where the really big boys/gals in this business who are Platinum Team Leaders derive their power and status from.

Now you can see that without team members taking on leadership roles, this plan can’t work. That is the singular reason why it is very much important to be a perfect leader by guiding your team members into leadership roles. I do admit that it takes time and a lot of sifting through many affiliates to find the 5 who can effectively step up to the plate. That requires a lot of hard work, dedication, discipline and focus on the part of the team leader. Becoming a great team leader surely takes a lot of efforts. You must find ways to motivate your team members, inspire them, coach them, and lead them by example with a view to making team leaders out of them. That is what is best for you are your business.

From the foregoing, I believe you can see clearly now why it is very important to have team members take on leadership roles. 

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