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Saturday, 18 February 2017

How to Choose an Efficient and Reliable LocalPay Provider

To situate this issue properly, it is best to understand that Local Pay providers are individual E-commerce Associates, ECAs in SFI business. They should be judged as such on whether they are efficient and reliable. Luckily SFI has a lot of room for rating the performance of ECAs aside from many other sources of information available to affiliates. That provides the very basis for me to answer this question. Because of convenience, many affiliates do resort to only the Local Pay services to meet their currency needs in SFI and TripleClicks. A peep into the ratings of these Local Pay providers who deal on T-Currency and some other considerations do help any affiliate to make a decision on which to choose. 


To determine the efficiency and reliability of any Local Pay Provider, you need to take the following into consideration.

1. How they display their T-Currency business in their T-Connect page.
2. The exchange rates they charge.
3. How quickly and accurately they respond to T-Currency orders.
4. The recommendations from your A2A friends and your upline.
5. How polite and efficient the ECAs are in communication as business persons.
6. The level of ratings they have received from their previous transactions.
7. How experienced they are in the business.
8. How they advertise the business in their T-Connect pages.

It is my view that if you take the above into consideration in making the decision about the efficiency and reliability of any Local Pay Provider, it is possible to get it right all the time if and when you make the choice.

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