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Friday, 17 February 2017

Most Important Goal to Set in SFI Business

For me, I have a very ambitious plan to earn my major income in SFI from my duplication efforts. That is what informed the goals I set for myself. The most important of the goals I have set for my SFI business is to have 5 active PSAs in 12 months who will be at least EA2 in rank. 
Here is why:

1. With a plan to recruit 20 PSAs per month that adds up to 240.

2. Of this number, 20 may work the business and be active.

3. From this 20, 5 could make Team Leaders which is very good for my duplication efforts.

4. If the 5 can repeat what I have done myself, my downline may get to 125 active PSAs within the period.

5. When that happens, I believe I will be able to earn passable and attractive passive-income from my efforts within the period.

These are the facts which informed my setting this goal as the most important goal for my SFI business.

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