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Sunday, 12 February 2017

What to Do on Daily Basis to Promote Your SFI Business

SFI business is a daily and continuous business. Once you take time to learn the fundamentals, everything becomes routine and easier on daily basis. For me, I do the following daily without fail to promote my business.

1. Post the links of items I am promoting for sale at TripleClicks in my Social Media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.
2. Check and review my advertising campaigns on Free ads and Paid ads.
3. Work on and post new articles on my blog and website.
4. Review and Revise my ads as necessary to increase performance.
5. Send out more E-cards and emails promoting my business.
6. Track and analyze my ad activities from my Hit Tracking results.
7. Read SFI daily tips, deploy immediately those tips relating to promotion.
8. Find out what is new at the forum and Ask Sc as related to business promotion.
9. Follow-up prospects I have been working on.
10. Help my downline to do these same things.
11. Do any other activities which may crop up to promote my business but may not necessarily be routine.

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