Sunday, 12 February 2017

How to Convince Persons 50 Years and Over to Get Involved in SFI Business

To take on this issue more directly, let me state that people over 50 are still within the “Earning Years” of their lives. As such, many still want to get involved in business to earn money. At that age, the best business for them is one with no commute, no overheads, no huge capital outlay, needs about an hour a day to do, offers the owner residual income potentials for life and is not very physically demanding. SFI represents all these and more. Reveal to the fellow the following salient facts about SFI:

- It is in its 19th successful year for SFI (32nd for SFI's parent company).
- It is a 14-year Bronze member of Better Business Bureau.
- It has over 1.5 million affiliates.
- It has 2.2 million TripleClicks members.
- It has 115,000+ commissionable products.
- It has over 6,961 E-Commerce Associates.
- It has over 205 LocalPay Merchants.
- It has 1,694 -'s global popularity rank (source:
- It has paid out millions in commissions to its affiliates (in US Dollars).

Tell the person that when compared to other businesses whether online or off, SFI is very unique and a highly suitable and convenient business for people 50 years and above.

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