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Sunday, 12 February 2017

What to Do to Succeed in SFI Business

In this context, it depends on what the word “success” means. To my mind, any affiliate who has been in SFI for one year or more on its own is success. On that score alone, congratulations if you have.

Having said that, let me say clearly that it is you alone who knows the reasons why you joined SFI and what the goals you have set for yourself are. These are the only parameters you can measure yourself against to determine success or failure and nothing else. Least of all, never measure yourself against any other affiliate even if that affiliate joined in your class. I do hope you know that you are in SFI business for yourself alone and nobody else.

The question then is have you measured your progress against your set goals before you concluded that you are not successful? If not, go back and do a proper evaluation of your progress in SFI to determine whether you are successful or not.

My sincere advice is that after this evaluation, even if you have not met some of your goals, you can find out exactly why that is. Thereafter, you can make amends, re-strategize and strive on. Success in SFI business is gradual but very sure. Dropping what does not work for you and doing more of what works for you is the way to go. That is exactly what I am advising any affiliate who wants to succeed in SFI business to do right now.

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