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Sunday, 12 February 2017

How A2A Helps Build Your SFI Business

Affiliate to Affiliate (aka a2a) is a great tool in SFI which if used correctly can help build any affiliate’s business. Here are some of the ways you can use a2a to build your own business.

Through a2a, you can search, browse, and exchange messages with ANY SFI affiliate! Just click the "Add to Friends List" link on affiliate’s a2a pages with whom you wish to interact. Messages are sent through SFI's internal mail servers and are accessed at the SFI Affiliate Center when you log in. 


A2A allows you to identify SFI affiliates in your own country, state/province, or city; or search by gender, age, join date, common goals, and more...or any combination!

You can also create "buddy lists," brainstorm, share tips, discuss SFI news, and more.
One of the most valuable attributes of a2a is what it provides in LOCALIZED assistance. For example, by contacting other SFI affiliates in your area, you can learn about the best marketing methods and strategies for your region of the world. 

Here's another great way to use a2a. You can use it to contact local affiliates in your area and form local SFI support groups and organize local get-togethers.

But don't stop there. With a2a's powerful search capabilities, you can find affiliates just like you to interact with. For example, let's say you're a 35-year-old female who lives in London, England. Let's also say you joined SFIthree months ago. With a few clicks and a quick search, you can locate other SFI affiliates of your same age, gender, and location who started in SFI the same time as you did! Very cool!

Can you now see how useful a2a is in building your SFI business? 

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