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Sunday, 12 February 2017

How to Use TCredits to Promote Activity in Your Team

Your SFI team is like a family whose welfare/wellbeing is of equal concern to all members. People generally make better progress in any human endeavor if they work as a team. So it is in SFI. TCredits are the peculiar currencies of SFI which are acceptable for all the major business transactions in its TripleClicks shop. Using TCredits to promote business in SFI is like using money to promote business anywhere else. That is the reason why TCredits are very valuable to all SFI affiliates.

To promote activity in your team, you can use TCredits as follows:

1. Give away TCredits to team members as gifts.
2. Give away TCredits as rewards to team members when they achieve some milestone.
3. Use TCredits to boost your down-line for the benefit of your team members.
4. Pay out TCredits to team members who win in your competitions.
5. Give away TCredits on demand to team members if you can afford to.
6. Use TCredits to entice your team members to participate in penny auctions.
7. Use TCredits to encourage team members to participate in other SFI games.
8. Use TCredits to entice your team members to earn more badges.
9. Use TCredits to enroll your team members in co-operatives.
10. Use TCredits for any other activity which can get your team members to work hard as a team.

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