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Saturday, 11 February 2017

Best Keywords to Use when Placing SFI Ads

If you want to profit from the use of keywords/phrases on the Internet, you will have to be professional about your efforts. When placing ads, professional Webmasters always say that phrases appear to be more effective than just single words. The first thing to do therefore is to identify your competitors or those in the same market niche as yours then research them using Google analytics to find out which keywords/phrases work best for them. From your results, you can then derive your own keywords/phrases with a view to bettering the advertising efforts of your competitors. That is the best way to go about it. 


In doing so, you must take into account the following tips:

1. Try to avoid highly Generic terms that are used across multiple niche markets.
2. Avoid using keyword/phrases that lead to keywords stuffing.
3. Avoid heavily used and abused words on the Internet like “blast” and “MLM” etc.
4. Research your competition and see what they are doing that works best for them.
5. Identify the sites which rank very high in Search Engines where your competitors’ ads are shown and find out their search terms and phrases.
6. Avoid search terms which do not sufficiently describe the information page you want your visitors to see.
7. Concentrate on creating useful, information-rich content which uses keywords naturally within the context of your text.

Having said all that, you are no doubt aware that the primary aim of every online ad is to attract the attention of visitors to your site. You will therefore need to focus your ads both generally and for specific targets based on the keywords/phrases you have decided to use. In SFI, such keywords/phrases must lay emphasis on the following key areas:

- the freedom to join SFI without upfront costs.
- the opportunity to start earning immediately.
- the potential of building a lasting residual income. 


Arising from the above and from my own experience, I have found the following keywords/phrases very useful and I do recommend them as well.

”Free to join,” “Work at home,” “Earn a second paycheck,” “Build Residual Income,” “Free training/support,” “Earn money online,” “Residual income opportunity,” “No obligations to join,” “Home business,” “Real Internet Income.”

I hope this information is helpful? Good luck in your marketing efforts.

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