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Monday, 13 February 2017

What to Tell a Stranger Who Inquires About WAVE 3 Banners

Just let the stranger know that WAVE 3 is the fun/incentives section of TripleClicks shop. That TripleClicks is an online 24/7 shop which displays over 110,000 top-quality products for sale and is available to members exclusively. Tell her that WAVE 3 is a fun/incentives section of TripleClicks where she can make money while having fun all the way. Tell her that she too can also join the WAVE today and receive:

* 5 FREE Monthly TCredits! (a $59.40 annual value)
* 50 FREE Monthly Member Rewards Points!
* Win $100's in weekly W3 cash drawings!
* Earn unlimited additional TCredits!
* And lots MORE!

I believe this explanation can get the stranger curious enough to want to sign-up in TripleClicks as a member.

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