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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

How to Convince People that they Can Make Money in SFI Business

The first thing you do is to own up to people that you are in SFI business to make money and that anyone can make substantial income in SFI if they follow the rules and take positive actions to make money. Just tell them what you do in SFI to earn income and show them the numbers. It is fairly easy to convince someone about the POTENTIAL income-earning capacity of SFI business. That is where to begin.


Tell them that SFI business is all about earning VersaPoints for all the required actions you take and earning commissions for all the sales generated at TripleClicks through your direct efforts and the efforts of ALL your affiliates. Once again, show them the numbers and tell them how the numbers stack up to substantial income monthly.

Tell them that all SFI affiliates can earn income in 4 distinct ways as follows:

1. They start earning money by accumulating VersaPoints. Each action they complete at SFI To-Do List earns the affiliate VersaPoints. The more VersaPoints they earn, the more the money they make.

2. They increase their earnings by generating sales at TripleClicks.com. Affiliates earn up to 45% commission on sales they generate directly at TripleClicks and these commissions stack up very quickly depending on how fast you and your affiliates generate sales.

3. They maximize their income with sponsoring and duplication. When an affiliate sponsors another affiliate, that person becomes their customer for life. If any affiliate becomes a Team Leader, depending on the level of leadership, they can earn income from the activities of all their affiliates up to 12 generations down the line. This is simply an awesome income earning potential.

4. They add supplemental income streams. This is optional and you can earn three additional income streams from (a) Co-sponsor affiliates, 15% commission on all their purchases, (b) Referring E-commerce associates, ECAs to TripleClicks, 10% commission on all their sales, and (c) SFI’s Pay-Per-Action program where you can earn up to $12 per action. 


Just check out the numbers and see how they stack up over time. The more actions you are able to take, the more the money you can make. If you are able to patiently explain these income-earning potentials to someone, it is fairly easy to convince them that they can earn substantial income with SFI. 

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