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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Why Hosted Website and Blog are Effective for Advertising SFI

A regular website and a blog when properly used are very effective channels for advertising SFI business online. This is because both regularly attract online traffic in form of “hits” which every online marketer badly needs to expose the “wares” he/she is marketing online. The higher the traffic, the higher the chances of hits, conversions and sales! Sometimes, you can even combine both by hosting your blog in your website.

However, what really matters here is the volume of traffic either the regular website or the blog attracts. You can use Google Hits Tracking Tools to detect accurately how many unique visitors come to your site hourly/daily. If it is your website or your blog which manages to attract more traffic, that should be preferable to the other. That is the one which can be classified as “most effective” for advertising SFI in line with the demands of your question.

If however you are hosting your blog in your website, it is like using one stone to kill two birds. The regular blog posts on the site can help to keep the contents fresh to the delight of Search Engines. If the Engines rank your site very highly, it helps with higher traffic volume which is very good for your advertising. You can also hyperlink very unique terms and phrases in your content which lead to your SFI Gateways and TripleClicks shop. That is another very effective way to advertise SFI business online.

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