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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Best Way to Communicate With Your PSAs

In written communication, what matters most is for the message to get to the recipient(s) quickly and intact. For this reason, any time, any day, the PSA Mailer is more preferable as a channel of communication with PSAs than directly via email address because of the following reasons.

1. The message is guaranteed to be delivered.
2. The message is delivered intact and as sent.
3. The message does not risk “failure to deliver.”
4. PSA Mailer is free, easy to use and not cumbersome.
5. The message is delivered to all your PSAs at once irrespective of the number.
6. PSA Mailer is available to use free by all affiliates.
7. It does not risk ending in spam folder.
8. It offers the recipient(s) “opt-out” options.
9. The identity of the sender is very clear.
10. The recipients have no idea who else the message was sent to.
11. It respects the privacy of each recipient.
12. Above all, it is highly recommended by SFI.

From the foregoing, it is easy to discern that in SFI, using the PSA Mailer to communicate downline with your PSAs is better than using direct email.

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