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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

How to Communicate with Your Upline Sponsors

I will say right away that you can communicate with your Sponsor and Co-Sponsor as often as the need arises. There is no Sponsor in SFI worth his salt who will feel bothered by inquiries from her PSAs or CSAs. Instead, it is communications down-line that may bother some affiliates particularly if they are new to the business and the messages are too frequent. Communications up-line can not bother Sponsors and Co-sponsors because they are more experienced in the business and they have an inescapable responsibility to sponsor and mentor their PSAs and CSAs. That responsibility comes with a lot of communication since affiliates in SFI can be located anywhere in the world.

Frequent communications up-line are a direct indication that the affiliate down-line is curious about the business and wishes to learn quickly. A good Sponsor latches on to this sign to help the affiliate out as often as an inquiry comes up to the Sponsor. This is bearing in mind the enormous importance of active affiliates to the growth and development of even the businesses of Sponsors and Co-Sponsors themselves. My friend, my best advice therefore is that you can communicate with your Sponsor and Co-Sponsor with any convenient and acceptable means of communication as often as you want if your inquiries directly relate to learning and growing your business in SFI. 

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