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Friday, 21 April 2017

5 Smart Ways to Boost Employee Morale

There is growing evidence that happy workers are productive workers. So, what do you need to do to make your own workers happy and productive? Somehow, you need some morale boosters to make your employees more productive. These here 5 tips will help. 

01. Flexible working options. Human beings need real freedom and privacy. Many tend to be more productive when they have both. With increasing improvement in technology, it becomes easier for professionals to work from home, or telecommute for portions of the day. More and more workers are buying into such loose arrangement and they are happier for it. It helps in morale boosting for such workers and companies and employers are not complaining for so long as productivity is not on the decline.

02. Continuous training. Many of today’s workers aren’t satisfied with just base qualifications. They want ongoing training and development to learn new skills and new concepts. Anywhere they get that, it helps morale because it makes them more valuable and helps to diversify their work experience so they don’t get bored or burned out very quickly. When you have a credible and beneficial training and retraining process in place, it helps to keep your employees engaged and gives them a reason to stick with your company for the long haul.

03. Decent remunerations. Of course this is a given. In this age and time, I very much doubt if anyone still expects people to work for free without adequate and decent remunerations. The better workers are remunerated, the better it serves their morale. Very directly too, productivity is also affected!

04. Growth potentials. Not very many workers like to associate with companies which have no credible growth potentials. The incentive is, if the company is growing, the workers grow with it. That no doubt is a morale booster for the workers.

05. Great working environment. Working in a cozy environment is a better morale booster than literally working in the dump. Even though changing times and changing technologies are fast affecting work environments and arrangements, the better a working environment is, the better it serves the morale of workers. Come to think of it, who wouldn’t want to work in a great environment?

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