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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

4 Small Business Trends Steadily on the Rise

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If you are very current with trends, you must have noticed that small businesses are going through a whole lot of changes in recent times. Apart from ethical and regulatory requirements, the advancements in communication fields, IT, marketing and other fields are playing major roles in engendering changes in the way and manner people run small businesses these days. The small business trends discussed here currently appear to be rising steadily because more people have started to pay more attention to them. Just take a look around you. You will discover that many small business owners are now:


Focusing more on customer service: Many small business owners have realized that if you support your customers well, your chance of customer retention increases tremendously. Of course, they know that repeat customers are extremely valuable to their businesses. With advancement in technology, many now use chat apps to literally lead customers by the hand to do business with them. Many are now able to provide 24/7 support services by way of availability, prompt response and prompt solutions. Right now, if you do not have chatbots for customer interactions, the time to deploy some in your own business is now.

Getting their businesses online: That simply means, less storefronts and more websites! The good news is that small businesses lately have become quite divergent and very daring too. With current popularity and real advancements in mobile technology, most small businesses are now flourishing significantly on the internet. The internet somehow allows these businesses to make some reductions in physical storefronts thereby saving on maintenance costs and some other space related problems. So, get smart now by getting yourself a business website if you don’t have one already. It goes with the trends.

Paying more attention to environmental issues: Small business owners are steadily endeavoring to go clean as well as green in the way they run their businesses! That is largely because environmental issues have become a very big concern of the modern world. Going with the flow, it is an excellent thing to see that small businesses have started paying special heed to environmental issues. With global concerns rising over issues like global warming, pollution, plastic, flora and fauna extinction, small businesses now do things to enable them conform to going clean and green to protect the environment in which they do business. So, you now see small businesses deliberately encourage cutting down on plastic and paper use and urging their customers to do same. Online shopping is one great eco-friendly way many of them do business these days.

Having more social media presence: These days, smart marketers consider social media presence a necessity and not a luxury. For that reason, having a presence on social media has become an absolute must for almost all business ventures who want to remain competitive. Hitherto, the online presence people were used to was mainly limited to having a complete website. Not anymore! With the advent of very popular social media platforms like, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, the game has changed completely. Social media craze has compelled many businesses to expand their online presence to the social media where the customers can be found and interacted with very easily. Right now, even the smallest businesses of the lot are trying their utmost to up their games on social media by socializing and promoting their goods/services to a very large mass of people. That no doubt is good for business. Get social, by putting your own business on social media platforms. That is the place to be right now if you sincerely want to take your business to the next level.

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