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Thursday, 5 July 2018

Top 6 Most Effective Online Marketing Methods

Yeah, these days, nearly everyone wants to market online. Right now, virtually every business commands an online presence of some sort. As a result, internet marketing has remarkably reshaped the marketing sector. Also referred to as e-marketing, digital marketing or web marketing, internet marketing involves all tactics used to promote products and or services over the internet. With a vibrant and ever-growing online community, internet marketing has fast gained traction and is fast establishing itself as a great alternative to the traditional forms of marketing. These are proven facts attested to by marketing experts. Some of these experts recommend the following as some of the most effective online marketing methods.

Use of Banners

Banners are easy to design, easy to adapt and use online. The technique has become very popular and in use right now. It involves the use of a tactically placed advert within a web page that is designed and strategically placed to catch the attention of web visitors. Upon clicking on it, visitors are redirected to your site of choice. Simple!


Use of Pop-Ups
Online, pop-ups are characterized as very aggressive form of marketing when used properly. If not properly used, they could come off as annoying and frustrating. It is best to use pop-ups in your own website or other websites of choice. When clicked on, they direct the visitor to what you want them to see. They attract attention easily and have been quite popular with marketers because of the good results they deliver.

Use of Search Engines

The use of search engine advertising techniques requires some deft expertise to be effective. It involves the creation and deployment of choice words and phrases (i.e. key terms) attractive to search engines.  That requires such techniques like SEO and PPC tactics which are quite effective strategies. The two techniques both seek to boost the business website ranking in search results. These search results rely heavily on the list that presents when search engine users key in terms that relate to the products and services you are selling online. These search results may include organic search results, which are free, and paid search results which are paid for per click, PPC.


To write a successful blog, you must have some expertise you are able to share for the benefit of readers/customers. It is a strategy which calls for creativity through progressively and continually posting content on your blog that resonates with your readers. It uses storytelling and sharing of experiences to deliver an advertisement. It works best with blogs that have a large following as good blog information easily gets widely dispersed virally.

Video Advertising

This tactic involves the use of videos to promote products and services. Online videos appear to rely heavily on “seeing is believing” strategy. Popular online video sharing platforms like YouTube and Instagram provide an ideal environment for video advertising to thrive. The essence is to virally share videos about a product or service to as many people as possible online. Many of these videos are designed to show how-to get things done. Some are explainer or customer testimonial videos designed to advertise goods and services online.

Social Network Platforms

These platforms have become really popular with people as a means of socializing. With a huge number of subscribers, social networks have managed to distinguish themselves as powerhouses of online advertising. Many businesses seeking to reach a large number of customers quickly and cheaply are increasingly resorting to social networks to promote their products and services. The most popular of these platforms include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram. Depending on your preference, you can deliberately target a given group or segment of customers. With targeted customers, conversion chances improve dramatically.


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