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Monday, 24 September 2018

Creative Influencer Marketing Tactic: Boost a Newsletter

Every active digital marketer knows or should know what a Newsletter is. When properly used, they are a very useful marketing tool. Marketers have since discovered that Newsletter services are an interesting (and more private) alternative to public blogging and social media. This is the real reason some influencers are using them on their own or as a supplement to their web presence. With Newsletters, promotion opportunities are similar to blogs, with branded content naturally woven into the influencer’s images and copy. That is the catch, using them to effectively get your product or service out there.

Just like public blogging, there are also many options with Newsletters. Aside from all of the options, it is very important not to be overly rigid in your marketing requirements. Influencer marketing works best when brands can be mentioned and promoted organically. This is the view of many experts in digital marketing. For real effects, it is best to establish permissions, goals and brand assets, then allow influencers to work their magic, whatever the medium. In the end, there are plenty of ways to go beyond the blog to hit your specific key performance indicators. Newsletters come in very handy as one of those very effective ways.

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