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Monday, 17 October 2016

8 Unique Features That Can Endear Your Business to Your Customers

If you are running a business as an entrepreneur, I have no doubt that you know why you are in business. In case you can not situate the reasons properly, let me assume that you are in business to create value that others want and are prepared to pay for. The value you create is the reason for your business. The people who patronize your business know what value they want from you. If you are able to provide this value as they want it, they will remain loyal to your business by patronage. They must be able to know your business for what it means to them. It is your duty therefore to decide exactly what you want your own business to be known for. The following eight features are about the best features your business can have to endear it to your customers. If your customers know your business because of one or more of these unique features, it is very likely that you will earn their loyalty for a prolonged period of time. That loyalty is what sustains you in profitable business.

01. High-quality products. Everyone I know always wants value for money. The higher the quality of your products, the better the value they offer for money.

02. The finest service. Customer service is a very important feature of any business. If the quality of your service is the finest around, it is very good for the business. If customers know your business for its fine-quality service, you will earn their sustained patronage.

03. Reliability. If customers can rely on your business to meet their expectations at all times, the business will be well-known and patronized because of that feature.

04. Unparalleled expertise in your field. Unparalleled expertise makes your products very unique. If the products stand out from others, your business could be patronized for that uniqueness alone.

05. Unique guarantees. If you are sure of the quality of your products, you can offer customers many guarantees including unique "money-back" guarantees if and when they are not satisfied with the product.

06. Lowest but competitive prices. Many customers always want high quality products at very low prices. If your business offers low prices for high quality products, that alone can be a feature it is known and patronized for.

07. Customized solutions to customers' problems. If your business is known for finding solutions to customer problems in ways unique to each customer, it can also be a feature your business is known for.

08. Fast service. If your business is known for fast service, it can help it to create the reputation it needs to make plenty of money.

Have you decided yet what unique feature or features you want your business to be known for? If you have, congratulations! You must however factor in that every customer has a compelling reason for buying any product. Every smart entrepreneur must therefore learn to tailor her business to take these reasons into cognizance by recognizing and using these unique features. Failure to do so can lead to customer dissatisfaction which can be very bad for business. Any business run with one or more of these features is bound to attract and retain customers for a long time. That by all accounts is very good for business particularly the bottom-line.

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