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Friday, 2 December 2016

Poverty Choices You Must Avoid

“If we are born poor, it is not our fault, but if we die poor, it is!”…… Bill Gates

Lack of Vision and Imagination sufficient to recognize favorable opportunities: People, who are unable to use their minds positively, stand little or no chance of escaping poverty. The mind is subject to control and manipulation by anyone. You can control your mind when you choose to. That you lack imagination or you are unable to visualize is absolutely your own making. All these can be handled with clear and concise thinking which your mind can do. The only person who can think for you is you. One of God’s greatest gifts to man is his mind. This is the only thing that separates him from beast. Imagination is literally the workshop of the mind where desire is given shape and positive action plan is formulated. If you are incapable of using your mind positively, you may not be able to make money.

Ill-Health: A healthy-mind in a healthy-body is a must for success and wealth creation. Health is a feeling of wellbeing. Anything you do that undermines your good health and wellbeing will push you to failure and poverty. When you have not developed a Positive Mental Attitude, you can’t rest or sleep, you indulge yourself in excessive eating and drinking, you are stressed-up, you do drugs and abuse other substances; you are certainly on the highway to poverty.

Lack of Persistence: If you have the habit of not sticking to the job and you quit at the slightest obstacle, you lack persistence. The basis of persistence is willpower. I have heard that “the will to win is more important than winning.” The will to win is built by persistent desire. If you lack persistence, you are incapable of any worthwhile achievement. The game of life has no stands for spectators. Everyone is an active player. Those who win and get rich are those who have the desire and persistence to win and be rich. It is a clear choice. If you can’t persist, you can hardly achieve any worthwhile venture that will enable you to make money.

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