Sunday, 11 December 2016

Why You Must Use Your Talent

“The tragedy of life is what dies inside a man while he lives.” --Albert Schweitzer

Everyone is endowed from birth with some form of talent which varies from individual to individual. How we use this talent is what differentiates us as humans in our quest for a living. The biggest burden anyone can carry is to have nothing to do. Our individual uniqueness is our strength in the use of our talents. Whatever you do, identify and use your God-given talent to earn a living. In the early 70s, people like Ali Baba and Basket Mouth would readily have been written-off as mad men. But these days, many talented young Nigerians like them have deployed their God-given talent for comedy into positive use. These stand-up comedians now rank among the highest-paid entertainers in Nigeria.

A major tragedy of human existence is the belief by some people (usually failures and never-do-wells) that they do not have what it takes to change their lives for the better. They believe that they were not born lucky. That they were not born into the right families, under the right circumstances and even in the right environment or country. Some even believe that God gave them the wrong sex. They regret all their physical attributes as the wrong ones. They accept their lots as predetermined before they were born and that destiny is simply taking its course in their lives. How wrong can they be? Unknown to these people, they are denying themselves a major gift from their Creator. There is no human being that was not born with at least one talent which he or she must be grateful to God for. It is your duty to identify this talent, hone it and use it to better your life. You are not a failure and you can never be a failure unless and until you accept, either from your actions and or inactions that you are a failure. Find your talent and use it. It is your inalienable right which no one can deny you.

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