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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Why You Must Develop a Positive Self-Esteem

“We are what we believe we are” –Benjamin Cardozo

If you think you can, you can. If however you think you can’t, you certainly can’t. Poor self-image is the primary reason why people are fatalistic in their thinking. They become incurable pessimists who always see the negative side of things. They think negatively thereby inhibiting their abilities even without trying. Your attitude must be sufficiently positive for you to be an achiever. Borrow from nature and be like the Bumblebee. The Bumblebee is by all standards a very big insect. Scientists have studied it and came away with the conclusion that it can’t fly. They believe that its body is too big and its wings too light and small that aerodynamically it should not fly. However, the Bumblebee does not know this and it flies. So it is with us humans. The only limitations we have in life are those we place on ourselves. What you think you can do is what matters not what others think. You can never escape mediocrity or get anywhere in life if you wait for the approval from other people before you commence. Believe in yourself.

You can’t afford to be like the eagle whose egg from which it hatched fell from the eagle’s nest and landed in the chicken’s nest. The egg was incubated by the chicken and hatched along with the chicken’s eggs. It was raised with the chickens with which it was hatched and it believed it was a chicken. It lived its life like a chicken. All through its life, it kept admiring eagles when it saw them soaring and wished it could fly like them. Unknown to it, everything it needed to fly was there but mentally it believed it could not and it never did until it died still believing it was a chicken. You will agree with me that the only limitations this eagle had were those it mentally placed on itself. You as a human being can always avoid this type of mental trap if you choose to. All you need to do is to believe you can and you will. That is positive self-esteem.

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