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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Best Time to Upgrade Your Rank from EA to Team Leader

The best time to upgrade your rank from EA to Team Leader is when you are likely to have maximum benefits as a Team Leader. To know when you are in such a position, the following are things you must take into account.

You know it is time to upgrade from EA to Team Leader,

1. When you have an active downline.
2. Your downline is at least 6 levels deep.
3. You have at least 5 active PSAs in your 1st level.
4. When you have been EA for at least 2 months.
5. When you know all the benefits of being Team Leader.
6. When you know what to do in SFI to become Team Leader.
7. When you know the usefulness of being a Team Leader.
8. When you are good and ready to lead.
9. When the benefits accruable to you as a Team Leader become significant.
10. When you have been a successful EA over consecutive months.

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