Tuesday, 31 January 2017

How to Convince PSAs to Become TripleClicks and WAVE3 Members

Honestly, I hardly know what is meant by "convince" PSAs to become TripleClicks and WAVE 3 members. This is because, if you encourage your PSAs to go through their launchpads diligently as required by SFI, in my opinion, they do not need any further convincing to join TripleClicks and WAVE 3. SFI has already done the convincing for you.

Quite frankly, SFI is such a complete and participant-friendly business that anyone who does what the business requires of them and is desirous to succeed and make money in the business, belonging to TripleClicks and WAVE 3 are simply logical requirements. What sponsors really need to do is to encourage their PSAs to follow the rules of SFI and to do the business as SFI recommends and elaborately teaches.

If PSAs follow the rules and the lessons as expected, they do not need any further convincing to become members of TripleClicks and WAVE 3. That frankly is my take on this issue.

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