Tuesday, 31 January 2017

What New ECAs Should Do and Not Do

Even if you are already an affiliate, becoming an ECA, (E-commerce Associate) opens a brand new vista in SFI business. It is a different ball game when you become an ECA. This is because you will not now only be a buyer at TripleClicks, you are also a seller too. That means you will have to open your store to different customers with different backgrounds and preferences. In your first month as a new ECA, the following tips come in very handy: 



1. Set up your shop properly to meet SFI requirements.
2. Design and use on the site a very attractive logo.
3. Notify your downline and a2a friends about your store.
4. Design your products pricing to be very competitive.
5. Display your products seductively.
6. Give vivid background description/benefits of each product you are displaying.
7. Ensure that your contact and feedback fixtures on the site work as expected.
8. Promote your store very aggressively.
9. Respond quickly to any orders you may receive.
10. Ask buyers for a feedback about the products you supply.
11. Give discounts and or bonuses where convenient.


1. Do not set your prices ridiculously too low or too high.
2. Do not de-market any other ECA.
3. Do not advertise any products you do not have in stock.
4. Do not compel your a2a friends and your downline to patronize your store.
5. Do not delay any orders you may receive.
6. Do not fail to ask for a feedback about the products you supply.
7. Do not unduly hype up any product you are selling.
8. Do not leave your store unattended for too long.
9. Do not fail to respond very promptly to ALL inquiries about your store.
10. Do not fail to give guarantees/warranties about the products you are selling.
11. Do not hesitate to make quick refunds or replacements when customers are not satisfied with your products. 


With these tips guiding you in your first month as a new ECA, I have no doubt in my mind that you will make out very well. Good luck!!!

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