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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Why You Need a Website or Your Own Blog in SFI Business

I believe you can succeed in SFI business with or without your own private Website or Blog. You can succeed without them but you will succeed faster and better if you have them. This is because SFI business is largely an online marketing business which thrives on web traffic. The more web traffic you have, the higher your chances of making sales. That is where your own website and blog come in very handy.

If your website and blog enjoy a very good ranking with Search Engines, the sites will get better exposure and traffic. Here is how that helps your business to succeed.

1. You can hyperlink your SFI and TripleClicks Gateways to the contents of your website and blog.
2. You can promote your business with banners on your website/blog all hyper-linked to your Gateways.
3. If your website/blog contents are fresh, interesting, educating, entertaining and informative, they will attract more web visitors who may click on your messages on the site and be redirected via your Gateways to your stores for possible patronage.
4. You can promote your business in your website/blog as you wish without the fear of censorship.
5. The more popular your website/blog is, the more traffic it attracts.
6. Running your own website/blog commands a lot of respect in online marketing business.
7. It is a mark of real professionalism for you to run your own website/blog in online marketing business.

However, let me remind you that it takes hard work and a very good and workable knowledge of how the World Wide Web works for you to be able to run a successful website and blog. If you can’t do what it takes to make them work for you, just go ahead with the methods which work for you. No doubt you are aware that buying, registering and maintaining your own domain costs money. Updating your website/blog requires that you have very good writing skills before you can even get noticed online. This is aside from SEO requirements for your site to rank high with Search Engines. Real hassles no doubt. Recognize that we are all different in our kills and capabilities so just do what fits your own skills even if you can’t run a website/blog. You can still succeed in SFI all the same.

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