Wednesday, 1 February 2017

How to Manage a Large Active Downline

Now that you already have a large and active downline (if you do), all I can say is congratulations! What you need to do next is to recognize and build Team Leaders. Management gurus insist that hierarchical management is more effective than centralized management in modern times. For that reason, if as an SFI affiliate you have a large downline, the first thing to do is to recognize persons in your team who also have management potentials then cede powers to them and encourage them to deliver. That way, you will be effectively managing fewer persons but with better results. Specifically, you can do the following. 


1. Recognize 5 persons in your downline who are very active and also have management potentials.

2. Encourage them to do same in their downline.

3. Ensure that decision goes down the line no matter how deep.

4. Deal effectively with these 5 persons directly and encourage same all down the line.

5. Encourage a two-way communication and help solve all teething problems as the top leader.

6. Be sure ALL your Team Leaders recognize that team efforts yield better results than individual efforts.

7. Lead by example always and be sure your Team Leaders do same.

8. Every authority goes with responsibility and be sure your Team Leaders recognize and respect that.

9. Give your Team Leaders all the tools to work and judge them with results.

10. Ensure this idea goes down the line. 


With a large active downline, all you need now is Team Work for better achievement. That should be the guiding spirit in your quest to manage a large downline and be able to have your personal touch and imprimatur all the way down the line.

Best of luck in your management efforts!

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