Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Best Way to Begin a New Month in SFI Business

Let me say straightaway that all you need is PLANNING and EVALUATION before you begin a new month. You should evaluate your achievements for the previous month vis-à-vis the plans you had for the month. Based on the outcome of your evaluation, you can then draw up a new plan for the new month. That is about why SFI insists that you set goals in everything you do in the business.

In SFI business, it is very difficult to succeed without advanced planning. To make plans for a new month, it is advisable to establish first if you met your goals for the past month. If not, find out and establish the “why not?” Draw your lessons from that evaluation then use the lessons as a platform to plan for the new month.

From my own experience, the best way to successfully start a new month is to plan for it before the end of the previous month. Roughly a week to the end of the month is about ideal. That is the time I do my own calculations and projections based on the goals I voluntarily set for myself. I sincerely believe that anyone who is consistent in doing so diligently and sincerely will have no problem succeeding in the following month.

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